Connect iPhone to iTunes on Windows via USB


How to connect iPhone to iTunes with a USB cable? I want to manage my iPhone from my Windows computer.



If you have iTunes for Windows installed, you can follow this tutorial to connect your iPhone to iTunes.

1. Make sure your Windows computer is connected to the Internet. It may need download some device drivers.

2. Run iTunes on your Windows computer.

3. Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. You may see some device drivers installed on your computer.

4. Click "Continue", when you see this warning message:

Do you want to allow this computer to access information 
on "My iPHone"?

If you don't allow access, you will not be able to manage
or sync your iPhone with this computer.

5. Go back to your iPhone, when you see the next message: "To allow access, please respond on your iPhone".

6. Now on your iPhone, tap on "Trust" on this message:

Trust This Computer?

Your settings and data will be accessible from this computer
when connected.

            [ Trust ]  [ Don't Trust ]

A cellphone icon is displayed in the menu area indicating that your iPhone is connected to iTunes. You can manage your iPhone from iTunes now.

Connect iPhone to iTunes via USB


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