Convert .m4a Music File to .mp3 on Mac


How to convert a .m4a music file to the more popular format .mp3 on my Mac computer?



Mac computer does not have any tools to convert a .m4a music file to .mp3 format. You can follow this tutorial to use a third party tool, ffmpeg, to do the job.

1. Go to ffmpeg Website.

2. Download and install the Mac version of "ffmpeg" to ~/bin folder.

3. Run the "ffmpeg" command to convert any .m4a file to .mp3:

fyicenter$ ~/bin/ffmpeg -i my-song.m4a my-song.mp3

Now you can open my-song.mp3 in iTunes to play. iTunes can plays .mp3 files. QuickTime Player can play .mp3 and .m4a files.


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