Receive AirDrop Photo/Video on iPhone


How to receive AirDrop photos and videos on my iPhone? My friend wants to send me some nice pictures.



Here are the correct steps to receive AirDrop pictures and videos on your iPhone.

1. Turn on AirDrop on your iPhone, in "Settings > General > AirDrop", and move closer to your friend.

2. Ask your friend to AirDrop the picture. You see the AirDrop alert message show up.

3. Tap "Accept" on the alert box to receive and save incoming files to Photos app.

4. Tap on "Photos" to find and open the received picture. Enjoy viewing it.

Of course, tap "Reject" on the alert box, if someone you don't know is trying to send you a file. It could be computer virus.

The picture below shows you how to receive AirDrop photo/video from your friend to your iPhone.

Receive AirDrop Photo/Video on iPhone
Receive AirDrop Photo/Video on iPhone


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