Smart Switch - Delete Backup Files


How to delete Smart Switch backup files on my computer? I have done a number of backups of phone files with Smart Switch in the past few years.



If you are doing backups of your Samsung Galaxy phone on your computer frequently with Smart Switch, you can follow these steps to delete some of them to free up disk space on your computer.

1. Run Smart Switch on your computer. And click "Preferences" in the menu. You see the Preferences window.

2. Click "Backup file" tab. You see a list of backups named after your Samsung phone model, phone number, and dates.

3. Select an old backup. And click "Delete backup". You see warning message:


Are you sure you want to delete the selected file file?


4. Click "Confirm" to delete the selected backup.

Smart Switch - Delete Backup Files
Smart Switch - Delete Backup Files


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