Background Services Created by Carrier Services


What are background services created by Google Carrier Services? Can I stop them to improve performance of my Motorola phone?



Google Carrier Services is an app for your Motorola phone to support support RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging in Google’s Messages app. It collects diagnostic and crash data to ensure these services operate smoothly.

There is 1 background service called "RcsService" started by the Carrier Services app.

1. Go to "Settings > Systems > Developer Options > Running Services". You see a list of apps, their running services, memory usages and execution times.

2. Tap on "Carrier Services" in the list. You see that it has 1 process, which has 5 services.

Application: Carrier Services
|- Process: 
   |- Service: RcsService

Memory usage: 16 MB, execution time 63:22:25
Background Services Created by Google Carrier Services
Background Services Created by Google Carrier Services

You can stop this RcsService service to improve phone performance. It will impact the normal use of the Google Messages app.


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