GPS Navigation Not Working


How to fix my GPS Navigation? It does not work.

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As of the moment, T-Mobile is already sending a Maintenance Release that will bring the software version to JI6.

MR JI6 has the following new features:

  • Master Reset using hardware keys added
  • Message to show limitations of connecting to Yahoo Mail over WiFi
  • AGPS and GPS performance improvements
  • Fixed e-mail client disappearing
  • Fixed SMS goes to wrong contact
  • Fixed force close on contacts with pictures
  • Fixed Browser closing without warning
  • Media Hub added
  • Task Manager added
  • Ringtone disappearing corrected
  • No sounds played after un-checking silent mode

To speed up the process, Samsung has released Mini Kies as a method to update the Vibrant to JI6 by connecting it to a computer.


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