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I bought my phone second hand from someone. he had the phone on already, well i got the phone home to find out the power button isn't working. i can not get it to turn on or off unless i plug it in. is there something i can do to fix it because when it times out i can not get it to go back on. plus the avatar movie is no longer on my phone how do i get that back. i very upset and sad. i do not have a lot of money to buy a new phone right now. i really wanted the galaxy 2.

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Make sure you check out the phones thoroughly before purchasing. T-Mobile and Samsung have abandoned the Vibrant. Recommend rooting. Check out XDA developers forum.

You want have that problem with the Galaxy S II. Unless the phone has the original memory card with the original dcf file then the DRM (Digital Rights Management) has been corrupted and may not be recoverable. For future references test a phone thoroughly before purchasing.


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