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I can't stand working only with gmail, as I love my outlook and how blackberry synced with outlook so flaslessly. IS their a way for my vibrant to do that?

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I have here the information on how to sync your Samsung Vibrant (SGH-T959) with Microsoft Outlook, please follow the steps below.
1. From Outlook on the PC, click on Contacts.
2. Then, click on FILE. From the drop down, select IMPORT and EXPORT.
3. The Import and Export Wizard box will appear. Select EXPORT TO A FILE, then click on NEXT.
4. Select COMMA SEPERATED VALUES, then click on NEXT.
5. Select CONTACTS, then click on NEXT.
6. Click on BROWSE. then click on NEXT.
7. Locate and select the saved contact files, then click on OK.
8. Once the file has been browsed and selected, click NEXT.
9. Check "Export 'Contacts' from folder:_______ then click on FINISH.
10. Sign-in to the g-mail account associated with the device on the PC, then click on CONTACTS.
11. From CONTACTS, click on MORE ACTIONS and select IMPORT from the drop down.
12. The IMPORT CONTACTS box should appear. Click on the BROWSE button under "Please select a CSV or vCard file to upload:".
13. Locate and select the saved contacts file, then click on OPEN.
14. Once contacts are selected, choose "MY CONTACTS" from the "Also add these imported contacts to" drop down then click on IMPORT.
15. A confirmation box stating that the import was successful will appear. Just click on OK on this box


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