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Transfer SIM Card to New iPhone
Can I transfer the SIM card from my old iPhone to my new iPhone? Yes. You can transfer the SIM card from your old iPhone to your new iPhone, if they are using the same type of SIM cards. Here are steps of how to transfer SIM card from old iPhone to new iPhone: 1. Power off the old iPhone. 2. Take ou...
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💬 2021-03-07 FYIcenter.com: @Richard, SIM card carries no data. Your data is only stored in your old phone, or backed up to your cloud account. since your o...

💬 2021-03-05 Richard Carr: hello there. ok mine goes one step further. I requested my mobile provider for a new sim card. my old iPhone is smashed. now wha...

💬 2020-12-16 Dave: Thanks

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What Is the IMEI Number on My Phone
What does IMEI stand for? And what does the IMEI number mean on my phone? IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI is also referred to as MEID (Mobile Equipment ID). The IMEI number is a 15-digit code that uniquely identifies a mobile phone set. The IMEI number can enable a GSM ...
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💬 2021-12-21 LG-V490: >> cc = [3 5 4 6 6 5 0 6 2 6 8 4 6 0 2]; % number to be tested >> ccr= fliplr(cc); % reverse digit order to work back from the e...

Settings &gt; General &gt; About Information on iPhone
What information are available on the "Settings &gt; General &gt; About" screen on my iPhone? Information on "Settings &gt; General &gt; About" screen on your iPhone includes you iPhone iOS version, serial number, IMEI number, etc. Follow steps bellow to see the full list: 1. Tap on ...
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💬 2023-04-01 Tilman Blakely: Neither I phone or I pad will allow m to make donations

💬 2023-02-27 Maria Tjimuhiva: I want to remove FaceTime and iMessage on iPhone desktop

Difference between IMEI/MEID and ICCID/SIM
What Is the Difference between IMEI/MEID and ICCID/SIM? IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)/MEID (Mobile Equipment ID) and ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier)/SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) are independent from each other. IMEI/MEID identifies the physical phone set. For example,...
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💬 2021-12-30 Cathey: My grandson we both have iPhones 12 pro max same color he uses ATT phone company I use Verizon phone company he steal music,game...

💬 2021-03-12 shivam.pro: Hi people.

Screen Display Size - 5.8 Inches
How a phone screen display size is measured? What does a 5.8 inch (150 mm) phone screen mean? Cell phone screen display size is measured diagonally on the display area, and normally given in inches. The standard screen sizes of cell phones available today can be anywhere from 4 inches to 6 inches di...
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💬 2020-06-02 logic: meaningful comments

Screen Display Resolution - 2436 x 1125 Pixels
What is phone screen display resolution? What does a 2436x1125 pixel screen mean? Cell phone screen resolution is measured by the number of pixels the phone can display in both directions. The standard screen resolution of cell phones available today can be anywhere from 960×640 pixels to 2436x1125 ...
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Apple iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition: $8M
What is price of Apple iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition designed by Stuart Hughes? The price tag for an Apple iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition designed by Stuart Hughes in 2010 is about $8 million dollars. The iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition sports a rose gold bezel caked with 500 diamonds (100 ct) on front...
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💬 2016-07-06 Ricky: I want one!?

Android: Settings &gt; About Phone
What information is provided under "Settings &gt; About Phone"? The "Settings &gt; About Phone" screen provides you basic information about you Android phone, including phone number, SIM card, device model, software, etc. Here is an example: 1. Go to home screen, and tap on "Settings" icon (...
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💬 2023-07-11 Frances: Looking for "what's running on this phone" so I can shut it down. It, whatever it is, is using too much battery.

Dark Apps in Waiting after Transferring from old iPhone
Why apps are displayed in dark and in status of "Waiting" after after transferring them from my old iPhone? After you have transferred your apps and data from your old iPhone using the the "Restore from iCloud/iTunes Backup" function, some apps will be displayed in dark and labeled as "Waiting". Thi...
2022-02-24, 15008🔥, 3💬

💬 2022-02-24 S Wait: Finally a suggestion that works - once you get one app to start re-installing, the others fall in line - and all are once again ...

💬 2021-10-10 FYIcenter.com: @Tim, What is the iOS version of your iPhone?

💬 2021-10-05 Tim: I can’t find updates in corner of App Store page

Add More Trusted Phone Number in Apple ID
How to add more trusted phone numbers in my Apple ID account from my iPhone? I want to another trusted phone number just in case I don't have access to the first phone number. A trusted phone number stored in your Apple ID account can be used to verify your identify by Apple support or the two-facto...
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Take Panorama Picture with LG Phone
How to Take Panorama Picture with my LG phone camera? You can follow this tutorial to Take Panorama Picture with your LG phone. 1. Start the camera on your LG phone. You see the picture of the object on the screen. 2. Swipe the screen to the right to pull out the left side menu. You see camera opera...
2020-07-07, 14485🔥, 2💬

💬 2020-07-07 FYIcenter.com: @Dave, LG camera can take panoramic photos. Look for the Panorama icon, if you don't see the label.

💬 2020-06-15 Dave Brown: Can my LG REBEL4 camera take panoramic photos? I do not find any setting labeled "panoramic".

iPhone -Contacts - How can I add a custom label to iPhone contact numbers?
iPhone -Contacts - How can I add a custom label to iPhone contact numbers? The iPhone Contacts app provides several labels for numbers, such as main, mobile and work to identify different lines. What if you need to add a label not included in the list, to identify multiple mobile lines or a land lin...
2023-07-08, 14213🔥, 8💬

💬 2023-07-08 Elyana: there are all contacts and all iCloud contacts. only if you click on all iCloud contacts will the custom tags and Add custom tag...

💬 2023-06-16 DAVE: Add Custom Label has disappeared from the bottom of the list of phone labels. How do I get it back?

💬 2022-12-22 Ben Wilson: Add Custom Label has disappeared from the bottom of the list of phone labels. How do I get it back?

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Apple iPhone - Frequently Asked Questions
Where to find answers to frequently asked questions on Apple iPhone? I want to know more details about Apple iPhones. Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by FYIcenter.com team about Apple iPhone: Understanding Your iPhone iPhone Buttons/Switches and Meanings iPhon...
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💬 2023-08-17 hacked: I have iphone 12pro. its glass is broken. accidently it faced minor rain. i turned it off but when i turned it on face id wasnt ...

💬 2021-02-23 FYIcenter.com: @Waymond, You can follow this tutorial Managing Apple ID Profile to change your Apple ID password.

💬 2021-02-20 Waymond Wright: I want to change my apple password

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Manage Trusted Devices for Apple ID with Web Browser
How to manage trusted devices for Apple ID with a Web browser on my computer? I want to remove my old iPhone as the trusted device. If you want to manage your trusted devices in your Apple ID account with a Web browser on your computer, you can follow these steps: 1. Open a Web browser on your compu...
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Ancort Diamond Crypto Smartphone Released in 2006
When was Ancort Diamond Crypto Smartphone first released? What was the price tag? How does Ancort Diamond Crypto Smartphone look like? What are the main technical specifications of Ancort Diamond Crypto Smartphone? Ancort Diamond Crypto Smartphone was release in 2006 with a price tag of $1.3 million...
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GoldVish "Le Million" Piece Unique: $1.3M
What is the sold price of GoldVish "Le Million" Piece Unique phone? GoldVish's "Le million" Piece Unique phone was crafted by Swedish designer Emmanuel Gueit. It was sold to a Russian businessman in 2006 at about $1.3 million dollars. This handcrafted phone is made of 18-carat white gold, mounted wi...
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Windows Phone 8 Basics - Keyboard tips - To turn on Caps Lock
Windows Phone 8 Basics - Keyboard tips - To turn on Caps Lock Tap and hold or double-tap the Shift key Shift key. Tap it again to turn it off.
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Apply for Apple ID on appleid.apple.com
How to apply for Apple ID with Web browser? I need an Apple ID to use iCloud to backup my photos. If want to use an iPhone, you have to apply for Apple ID following these steps: 1. Run a Web browser and go to https://appleid.apple.com/ . 2. Click the "Create an Apple ID" button near the bottom of th...
2023-04-18, 11744🔥, 4💬

💬 2023-04-18 Aswanth: Creat my apple id

💬 2023-02-24 Usman: Dear apple team i need an apple id to use iCloud to backup my poto

💬 2023-02-24 Usman: Dear apple team my apple I'd have not creat please create my apple I'd

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Phone Camera Aperture - f/2.2
What is phone camera aperture? What does an f/2.2 camera mean? Camera aperture controls the brightness of the image that passes through the lens and falls on the image sensor. It is expressed as an f-number (written as "f/" followed by a number), such as f/1.4, f/2, f/2.2, f/2.8, /f4, f/5.6, f/8, f/...
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Find the Model Number of LG Phone
How find the model number of my LG phone? To find the model number of your LG phone, you can: Look at the back cover of the phone. You should see some lines of identification numbers like: FCC ID: ZNFD820 IC: 2703C-D820 Model: LG D820 CE0168 Or open the LG phone and go to "Settings &gt; About ph...
2018-01-19, 11338🔥, 0💬

Apple iPhone 5 with Black Diamond: $15.3M
What is price of the most expensive Apple iPhone 5? The most expensive Apple iPhone 5 is the one created by Stuart Hughes in 2013 with an embedded rare black diamond and priced at $15.3 million dollars. Apparently, it took Stuart Hughes nine weeks to re-create the chassis of the iPhone 5 in solid go...
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*.AAE Files in iPhone DCIM Photo folder
What are these *.AAE files in my iPhone\Internal Storage\DCIM folder? I am trying to import my photos from iPhone with a USB cable. *.AAE files are called sidecar files in Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) format. *.AAE files are used to record changes made by the Photos app on iPhone to original p...
2020-12-22, 10519🔥, 2💬

💬 2020-12-22 krishna: Saving your photos and videos of your smartphone is very complicated before that, first, you have to move all data in computer t...

What Is the Serial Number on My Phone
What is the Serial Number on my phone? Serial Number is a sequence number given by the phone maker to uniquely identify a physical phone set of a given phone model. Example, "F73Q2XYS8GWV" is a serial number of an iPhone of model "MOAU2LL/A". On a iPhone, you can find the serial number by going to t...
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iPhone 5S Model Mumbers
What are iPhone 5S model numbers? I want to check my iPhone model to ensure I have an iPhone 5S. You can verify your iPhone model with the following iPhone 5S model numbers: iPhone 5s Model ME305LL/A (GSM/North America/A1533) iPhone 5s Model MF381CH/A (CDMA/China Telecom/A1533) iPhone 5s Model MF381...
2014-04-27, 9994🔥, 0💬

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