iPhone Camera Built-in Color Filters


What are iPhone camera built-in color filters?

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iPhone camera provides 9 built-in color filters that allows you to enhance photos you are taking. Here are the steps to follow to list built-in color filters:

1. Open up your iPhone camera in PHOTO mode.

2. Tap on the color filter icon (three overlapped white circles) next to the shutter icon. iPhone Camera Filter Icon You see the screen divided into 9 smaller boxes showing preview photos with 9 built-in filters:

  • Mono - Black and white image with lowered brightness
  • Tonal - Balanced color image with saturation stripped
  • Noir - Black and white image with high contrast
  • Fade - Lightened image with lower saturation
  • None - Balanced color image. This is the default
  • Chrome - Brightened image with higher saturation
  • Process - Semi-washed out image with a blue hue
  • Transfer - Somewhat over exposed warm hue
  • Instant - Retro brightened image with a yellow hue

The picture below shows you how to see 9 built-in color filters on your iPhone camera:
iPhone Camera 9 Built in Color Filters


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