Cropping Photos with iPhone Photos App


How to crop photos with iPhone Photos app? I want to cut a portion off my photo.



The crop and rotate tool in iPhone Photos app allows you to crop your photos. You can cut a portion off your photo using these steps:

1. Open Photos app and tap on "Albums" near the bottom of the screen. You see your photos listed in different albums.

2. Tap on "Camera Roll" to open the camera roll. You see a list of photo previews displayed.

3. Tap the photo you want to enhance. You see the photo displayed in full size.

4. Tap "Edit" near the top right corner of the screen. You see some editing icons displayed.

5. Tap on crop and rotate icon near the bottom left corner of the screen. iPhone Photos Crop and Rotate Icon You see a cropping frame displayed.

6. Drag the corners of the frame towards the center to set your own crop. The portion outside the frame will be removed.

7. Tap "Done" near the bottom right corner of the screen to save the change.

The picture below shows you how to crop photos in Photos app on your iPhone (source:
Cropping Photos with iPhone Photos App


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