Disable System App on LG Phone


How to Disable System App on my LG Phone? I don't need the app any more.

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If you are not planning to use an System app, you can disable it as shown in this tutorial.

A system app is considered to be part of the operating system, you can only disable it. Uninstalling a system app is not allowed.

1. Go to "Settings > Apps". You see a long list of apps that are installed on your phone.

2. Tap "Calculator" system app. You see detailed information of the "Calculator" app.

3. Tap on "DISABLE". You see a confirmation message box.

4. Tap "DISABLE APP" to confirm. You see another message box:


Do you want to replace this app with the 
factory version?

5. Tap "OK" to confirm. The factory version is good enough.

The "Calculator" system app will be disabled.

The following picture shows you how to Disable System App on your LG Phone:
Disable System App on LG Phone


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